We are the Award Winning Litchfield Marching Dragons 

Our band participates in parades and competitions all over Minnesota and nationally during the summer months. 

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We Have a Fundraiser for Everyone

We try to offer fundraisers that help, not only our students, but the community. From convenient frozen food sales to community discount cards our fundraisers help make a difference in the lives of our community members.


All Throughout the Year

We provide different fundraising opportunities all throughout the year.  Some of our fundraisers last a few weeks and others last much longer, so it’s important to check back here often to see how you can help support the band.


Online, Door to Door, and @ LHS

  • Order online
  • Order from a student
  • Have it delivered to your door
  • Pick up at LHS

Choose how you want to help support our band! We try and make our fundraiser’s as accessible as possible.


It’s All About the Students (and the music)

All of the proceeds from the sales on this site go to help our students bring our music to as many people as we can.  Each sale goes directly to our student accounts and helps them to cover the travel expenses associated with a successful marching band such as Litchfield Marching Dragons.

Your contributions make it possible for all students who participate to enjoy educational and fun trips that they may not otherwise get to experience. In past seasons we have played at Walt Disney World, Nashville, and Mount Rushmore.